Anthony Rosner is a freelance filmmaker and documentary specialist based in London, UK.

Anthony’s freelance work includes projects with Just So Films (Sony BMG, Microsoft, Adidas, Audemars Piguet, Lyst), University of the Arts London, University of East London, Stratford Circus and a variety of schools in East London.

Besides his freelance work, Anthony has made a variety of different short documentaries most notably of his films is IRL – In Real Life which went on to gain over a million views online. The film was nominated for a Royal Television Society Award and featured in a variety of different film festivals including the London Independent Film Festival, British Shorts Film Festival Berlin, Durham Film Festival, Pheonix Comicon, Blizzcon, BUtiful Film Festival, American Online Film Awards and many more. The film has been discussed and featured on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Surrey. It was also broadcast on the Australian TV channel ABC1 and featured on countless amounts of websites including The Guardian, The Atlantic, BBC News, IGN, Nerdist, GameSpot, Kotaku and it has been staff picked on Vimeo.

He followed up with the sequel IRL 2.0 In Moderation which went on to gain similar success by being featured at film festivals such as the London Independent Film Festival, BUtiful, MagFest 2015, Blizzcon and others. It was also featured on the psychology magazine Neurology Now as a case study.

Anthony uses the Adobe CC Suite including Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop to edit his projects and he uses a Canon 5D MKiii along with a variety of lenses to undertake his work.